Willow supports Python 3.8+. It is a pure Python library with no hard dependencies so it doesn’t require a C compiler for a basic installation.

Installation using pip

pip install Willow

Installing underlying libraries

In order for most features of Willow to work, you need to install either Pillow or Wand. You can follow the installation instructions for each of them:

or you can install them together with Willow when using pip:

pip install Willow[Pillow]
# or
pip install Willow[Wand]

Note that Pillow doesn’t support animated GIFs and Wand isn’t as fast. Installing both will give best results.

HEIC and AVIF support

When using Pillow, you need to install pillow-heif for AVIF and HEIC support:

pip install pillow-heif
# or
pip install Willow[heif]

When using Wand, you will need ImageMagick version 7.0.25 or newer.

Both Pillow and Wand require libheif to be installed on your system for full HEIC support.