1.8.0 (2024-01-17)

  • Fix sphinx build errors

  • Remove old imghdr patch test (Storm Heg)

  • Update the OpenCV detect_faces test for determinism (Stephan Lachnit)

  • Add transform_colorspace_to_srgb operation and use it to fix inaccurate colors when saving specific image files (Storm Heg)

    Note: this forces conversion to sRGB for CMYK images with an ICC profile as CMYK is not supported by PNG, WEBP, AVIF and HEIC Pillow encoders. Otherwise, when a CMYK image is encoded, it gets converted to RGB resulting in inaccurate colors because Pillow ignores the ICC profile when performing the conversion. So, as a workaround, we manually force an accurate conversion to RGB before encoding the image. This results in a much more accurate representation of the original CMYK image.

  • Add support for ICO images (Jake Howard)

1.7.0 (2023-11-26)

Note: due to various limitations, version 1.6.3 includes some of the fixes present in 1.7.x, most importantly the ICC profile and EXIF data when saving a JPEG to PNG, WebP, AVIF.

  • Test with Python 3.12 (@zerolab)

  • Add optional dependencies for Pillow/Wand (@zerolab) One can run pip install Willow[Pillow] or Willow[Wand] and get the correct Pillow or Wand versions.

  • Replace wrong unicode character in the image/heic mime type (Stephan Lachnit)

  • Fix color management by keeping ICC color profiles and EXIF data in addition (André Fuchs, Stefan Istrate)

1.6.3 (2023-11-26)

  • Replace wrong unicode character in the image/heic mime type (Stephan Lachnit)

  • Fix color management by keeping ICC color profiles and EXIF data in addition (André Fuchs, Stefan Istrate)

1.6.2 (2023-09-06)

  • Ensure SVG files are given a mime type (Jake Howard)

1.6.1 (2023-08-04)

  • Fix NUMBER_PATTERN regex for parsing SVG viewboxes (Joshua Munn)

1.6 (2023-07-13)

  • Configure linting with black, ruff and pre-commit. Add coverage reports (@zerolab)

  • Switch to flit for packaging, and PyPI trusted publishing (@zerolab)

  • Drop support for Python 3.7

  • Add AVIF support (Aman Pandey)

  • Add support for image optimization libraries via optimizer classes (@zerolab)

  • Add check for CMYK when saving as PNG (Stan Mattingly, @zerolab)

1.5.3 (2023-09-06)

  • Ensure SVG files are given a mime type (Jake Howard)

1.5.2 (2023-08-04)

  • Fix NUMBER_PATTERN regex for parsing SVG viewboxes (Joshua Munn)

1.5.1 (2023-07-06)

  • Fix SVG cropping (Joshua Munn)

1.5 (2023-03-29)

  • Drop support for Python versions below 3.7

  • Drop support for Pillow versions below 9.1 and fix Pillow 10 deprecation warnings (Alex Tomkins)

  • Replace deprecated imghdr with filetype. This allows detecting newer image formats such as HEIC (Herbert Poul)

  • Add SVG support (Joshua Munn)

  • Add HEIF support via the pillow-heif library (Alexander Piskun)

1.4.1 (2022-02-25)

  • Drop support for Python 3.4

  • Imagemagick 7 compatibility fixes (Matt Westcott)

  • Fix: Implemented consistent behavior between Pillow and Wand for out-of-bounds crop rectangles (Matt Westcott)

1.4 (2020-05-26)

  • Implemented save quality/lossless options for WebP (@mozgsml)

  • Added missing docs for WebP support (@mozgsml)

1.3 (2019-10-16)

  • Added .get_frame_count() operation (@kaedroho)

1.2 (2019-10-11)

  • Added WebP support (@frmdstryr)

  • Added .rotate() operation (@mrchrisadams & @simo97)

1.1 (2017-12-04)

  • Added set_background_color_rgb operation

  • Update (Sanny Kumar)

1.0 (2017-08-04)

  • OpenCV 3 support (Will Giddens)

  • Removed Apple copyrighted ICC profile from orientation test images (Christopher Hoskin)

  • Fix: Altered detect_features in OpenCV 3 to return a list instead of a numpy array (Trent Holliday)

  • Support for TIFF files (Maik Hoepfel)

  • Support for BMP files was made official (Maik Hoepfel)

0.4 (2016-10-05)

  • Support for image optimization and saving progressive JPEG files

  • Added documentation

0.3.1 (2016-05-16)

  • Fixed crash in the Pillow auto_orient operation when the image has an invalid Orientation EXIF Tag (Sigurdur J Eggertsson)

  • The auto_orient operation now catches all errors raised while reading EXIF data (Tomas Olander)

  • Palette formatted PNG and GIF files that have transparency no longer lose their transparency when resizing them

0.3 (2016-03-09)

A major internals refactor has taken place in this release, there are a number of breaking changes:

  • The Image class is now immutable. Previously, “resize” and “crop” operations altered the image in-place but now they now always return a new image leaving the original untouched.

  • There are now multiple Image classes. Each one represents possible state the image can be in (for example in a file, loaded in Pillow, etc). Operations can return an image in a different class to what the operation was performed on.

  • The “backends” have been renamed to “plugins”.

  • A new registry module has been added which can be used for registering new plugins and operations.

  • The “original_format” attribute has been deprecated.

Other changes in this release:

  • Added auto_orient operation

0.2.1 (2015-05-27)

  • JPEGs are now detected from first two bytes of their file. Allowing non JFIF/EXIF JPEG images to be loaded

0.2 (2015-04-01)

  • Added loader for BMP files

  • Added has_alpha and has_animation operations

  • Added get_pillow_image and get_wand_image operations

  • Added save_as_{jpeg,png,gif} operations

  • Crop and resize now all arguments in a tuple (Similar to Pillow)

  • Dropped Python 2.6 and 3.2 support

  • Formats now detected using images header instead of extension

  • Now possible to specify alternative cascade file for face detection

  • Fix: Images now saved in the same format they were loaded

  • Fix: 1 and P formatted images now converted to RGB when saving to JPEG

0.1 (2015-02-22)

Initial release